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TTE originally stands for The Team Enablers and as our name suggests, our team is the most valuable asset of our business. We are always looking for passionate and highly skilled people to join us and support our mission.


Whether you are an experienced consultant or a graduate student: If you strive for complex problem solving, are a team player by heart and passionate about your professional field – we would love to get to know you!

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Dr. Marie Bachelet

At TTE, we have a very diverse team. I love how collaborative everyone is working together and how we support each other on a daily basis. Each one of us is experienced in different professional fields and I’m amazed by the results we create together when all that knowledge and experience are combined.

Dr. Marie Bachelet,
Associate Project Leader
Pierre Michaels

If you are looking for a company where you can grow and develop yourself, TTE is the right choice for you. Since I joined the team, daily self-development is guaranteed, because I get the chance to participate from the high expertise and experience in our team.

Pierre Michaels,
Benjamin Schoelzel

TTE has such a great culture, it totally amazed me when I started here. Even though there can be tough times, I now have a work-life balance I just didn't have at the consultancy I worked for previously.

Benjamin Schoelzel,
Project Leader
Frederike Schütz

I really value the flexibility TTE is offering me. I’m able to combine my master program with my work at TTE, which gives me the advantage of gaining precious work experience besides my studies. The combination is perfect because I can directly transfer new theories from my business psychology studies into my projects.

Frederike Schütz,

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