We offer support in Transformation Management, Strategy Consulting and Activist PMO Enablement.



Any development is associated with change. We support our customers on every step of their way, form a joint team and work together to create the best results.

TTE takes an integrative approach from start to finish – your employees are intensively involved, motivated and inspired during the design of the solution, thus controlling the change process.

This is the TTE 5-step transformation approach:
  1. Definition of the overarching objective
    (e.g. getting faster, reducing costs, being more innovative reduction of complexity)
  2. Derive success factors for objectives
  3. Carry out interviews with stakeholders and experts
  4. In-depth problem and solution analysis with recommendations
  5. Implementation planning and implementation

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The aim of developing business strategies is to determine the right path for the future of your company, focused on gaining competitive advantages and increasing your company’s value. No matter if you want to develop a reorientation strategy for your organization or new strategies for single business units – TTE will support you.

The development of a new strategy begins with a comprehensive analysis of the status quo. In doing so, we examine internal company criteria as well as the respective market situation. We then derive strategic implications and determine the next steps together with you.

Once these are clearly defined, we collaborate on strategic planning and address the implementation of the necessary strategic initiatives. We aim to look beyond the obvious and make sure to develop strategies that combine the best of individual market options and the individual strengths of your organization. Strategy consulting has many facets. We can support you in the development of your growth strategy, human resources strategy, digital strategy, expansion strategy, or marketing strategy.

Read more about our past projects that have already been carried out


Activist PMO


While implementing your programs, projects, and initiatives, you want to be able to rely on strong project management that makes sure the project is moving in the right direction. To do so, you need a good project management office (PMO) that drives your projects’ development, ensures sufficient transparency in the project process and identifies bottlenecks early enough to be able to react in a timely manner.

TTE supports you in building an "Activist PMO" that is proactive in managing and coordinating your projects. Our experienced project managers support your initiatives in planning, implementation and management of all necessary steps. They measure progress and results and ensure that all necessary stakeholders are sufficiently involved.

If projects do not progress, TTE will assist the Activist PMO in solving problems, reflecting upcoming tasks or executing necessary escalation at an early stage. In addition, we offer your employees PMO coaching to ensure a long-term and sustainable transfer of knowledge.

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