Project success often depends on those managing it. A good project management office (PMO) should take care of rigorously vetting initiatives along the dimensions that drive value: time, progress, and bottom-line impact, as well as having a big picture view of associated risks and interdependencies. Through setting up the necessary escalation mechanisms, providing discussion guidance, and involving the right people early on, a good PMO can lead projects to success, while creating transparency for top management.

As an expert in setting up and running activist PMOs, TTE has developed a PMO Health Check that assesses your organization’s PMO capabilities along four dimensions:

  1. structure & goals,
  2. people & communication,
  3. risks & interdependencies, and
  4. tools & methods.

As a result of this assessment, you will receive a report highlighting improvement areas and suggesting remedial actions. TTE will identify concrete steps for improvement and show your PMO teams where to prioritize.

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