A true transformative vision can spring from many sources and have many forms.

To assist you during transformational thinking and design, TTE takes an integrative approach from start to finish – your employees are intensively involved, motivated and inspired during the preparation of the solution, thus fully controlling the subsequent change process.

Cost optimization programs

It’s a simple business equation: Profit = revenue – costs. We support you in optimizing this equation by reducing costs along the value chain. Consequently, your company will be able to operate more competitively in the future and will have a greater scope for action on the sales side.

Our approach: Together with your finance team, we analyze your entire cost structure in order to identify trends and focus areas. To do this, we can conduct benchmarks or bring in external experts from your industry.

In the further course of action, we collaborate with the managers of your departments to determine which cost positions should be sustainably improved by which concrete measures. Once these decisions are made, we will together with your employees add them to a structured schedule. A tracking system will be set up to secure the desired results will be achieved.

Digitization and automation

The introduction of automated and digitized solutions for business processes is one of the main focuses of today's companies, regardless of their size. Even though executing new and digital processes may be challenging in the beginning, their implementation provides huge advantages for companies, such as operating more cost efficiently or being more customer focused and therefore more competitive.

When supporting your company in identifying ways to digitize your processes or even rethink your entire business model, we will jointly define the most promising areas in which digitization or automation can benefit your organization and value creation. The process is supported by specific industry automation experts from our partner network.

Together with your employees, we will implement the first digitization projects in order to create acceptance in your company and prove their effectiveness. In the next steps, we will provide you with experienced project managers to guide the process, obtain the necessary additional expertise – from industry experts to engineers – and support the cultural shift towards turning your company into a digital organization.

Process and organizational optimization

Strategic competitiveness depends largely on an efficient organization, first-class employees and lean processes. Therefore, flexibility is key and all established processes need to be able to be quickly adapted to changes in the entrepreneurial environment.

TTE works with you to develop individual solutions for organizational and process optimization. Together, we analyze the optimization potential of your organizational, process, interface and system structure. This enables us to identify improvement measures for a more efficient and agile organizational structure. As a result, we derive concrete action measures and set up an accompanying change management together with your employees.

Strategic workforce planning

Having the right people with the right skills in the right place available at the right time – this is a big challenge for many companies and at the same time essential for any company's future success. We consider the ability of an organization to correctly analyze, predict and act on its personnel and talent needs as a significant competitive advantage in the battle for talent. This ability is also crucial to ensure efficiency and competitiveness.

TTE’s people strategy targets this critical success factor precisely. It encompasses analyzing of current and forecasting of future skill and capacity requirements. It also answers the question of how to attain & retain the respective talent while taking into account factors such as digitalization, new technologies or changing market demands. Furthermore, our people strategy comprises the aspect of training & development of your workforce to fulfil current & future requirements.

In order to achieve strategic personnel goals, we derive concrete measures such as training or recruitment programs in collaboration. Our web-based TTE-app SWOP enables live analyses for our customers' project staff and can be used on phones or tablets.


When companies transform to be ready for the future, employees are a crucial factor for the mission’s success. To drive overall strategic objectives, like faster reaction time to customer requests, all relevant employees must be able to behave according to the new strategic approach. To do so, the company culture has to enable and encourage employees to behave this way. That’s why every organizational transformation requires a close look at the company’s corporate culture, too.

Together with our clients we determine which employee behaviors are desired within the company in order to achieve strategic goals and changes in the best possible way. We then analyze the extent to which needed behaviors are already in place and also identify existing deviations. In terms of discrepancies, we determine which framework conditions are necessary to promote the desired behavior. These may for example be specific tools and working methods, but we also take into account aspects such as leadership, performance reviews or communication. Concrete strategies are then developed and implemented to create frameworks for success.

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