Transformation Management

Company culture change

When companies initiate change to be ready for the future, employees are a crucial factor for the mission’s success. To drive overall strategic objectives, like faster reaction time to customer requests, all relevant employees must be able to behave according to the new strategic approach. To do so, the company culture has to enable and encourage employees to behave this way. That’s why every organizational transformation requires a close look at the company’s corporate culture, too.

Together with our clients we determine which employee behaviors are desired within the company in order to achieve strategic goals and changes in the best possible way. We then analyze the extent to which needed behaviors are already in place and also identify existing deviations. In terms of discrepancies, we determine which framework conditions are necessary to promote the desired behavior. These may for example be specific tools and working methods, but we also take into account aspects such as leadership, performance reviews or communication. Concrete strategies are then developed and implemented to create frameworks for success.

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