Transformation Management

Strategic workforce planning

Having the right people with the right skills in the right place available at the right time – this is a big challenge for many companies and at the same time essential for any company's future success. We consider the ability of an organization to correctly analyze, predict and act on its personnel and talent needs as a significant competitive advantage in the battle for talent. This ability is also crucial to ensure efficiency and competitiveness.

TTE’s people strategy targets this critical success factor precisely. It encompasses analyzing of current and forecasting of future skill and capacity requirements. It also answers the question of how to attain & retain the respective talent while taking into account factors such as digitalization, new technologies or changing market demands. Furthermore, our people strategy comprises the aspect of training & development of your workforce to fulfil current & future requirements.

In order to achieve strategic personnel goals, we derive concrete measures such as training or recruitment programs in collaboration. Our web-based TTE-app SWOP enables live analyses for our customers' project staff and can be used on phones or tablets.

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