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The Team Enablers

  • Would you like to run your own projects or to solve internal problems? Like a top consultancy but with your own people?
  • The Team Enablers combines the advantages of an external consultant with the competencies of your staff.
  • Our focus is to sustainably enable your teams to professionally deliver your projects.
  • As external partner, we ensure process stability, transparency and we bring in new ideas and perspectives to your projects.
  • Simple and effective enablement analysis for your team with our The Team Enablers Surveys
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Our concept

We work successfully for your project and target – together with your people and using the methods employed by top consultancies.

Project Team Enablement & Project Management

We enable your team to successfully scope, plan, execute and deliver your project. Of course, we can also provide the full project management.

Training & Coaching

We train your project leader in the required core skills and assist with all concerns as experienced coaches.

Your Benefits

The Team Enablers offer Project Management, Team Enablement, Project Leader Training, individual Coaching and the effective TTE surveys.

The advantages of The Team Enablers are:

  • Mandating TTE will not strain your external consulting budget: in the future your own employees will be able to implement their projects professionally. When support is needed, our team offers emergency assistance.
  • Greater acceptance of the results: employees share in the responsibility for the project outcome. You avoid results developed by consultants in isolation.
  • First-class personnel development: in-house top talents will experience first-class consulting without being absent from the company so that recruitment of cost-intensive additional staff is rendered redundant. If desired, we also provide permanent support with certified coaching (European Business School).
  • More economical than the big consulting companies: for each individual project as well as for future projects by providing a permanent skill set – and all with the same first-class approach.

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